When purchasing headphones, mainly consider the following aspects

When purchasing headphones, mainly consider the following aspects
Quality of products
When buying a Bluetooth headset, you should pay more attention to the quality and performance of the product, such as battery life and radiation level. In general, low-quality or low-quality Bluetooth headsets, due to cost control, cannot be guaranteed in terms of workmanship or materials.
conversation quality
Because the call quality is the basic parameter to measure the quality of a Bluetooth headset, in general, the Bluetooth headset with a rod design, because the microphone is closer to the mouth, the call quality obtained is relatively better than other types of products.
Standby time
Because this is the same as the daily use of mobile phones, the longer the standby time of the headset, the trouble of frequent charging can be avoided, which is also one of the criteria for measuring the performance of Bluetooth headsets.、
Wearing comfort
Human ears are relatively delicate. If the material of the earhook of the earphone is not good, or there are some defects in the design, it will cause discomfort after wearing it for a long time. Therefore, you should check carefully before buying and choose a Bluetooth headset that suits your ear shape.
What is the main purpose of buying a Bluetooth headset? It depends on what you mainly use it for - ① for language learning. You only need to use lower-priced headphones, preferably earmuffs with volume adjustment, ②for listening to news. Ordinary electromagnetic earphones will do. ③For listening to music. For general enjoyment of music, you only need to buy a mid-range machine, such as stethoscope or head-mounted dynamic headphones. If you want to enjoy high-quality music, you should choose high-fidelity headphones regardless of the price, such as high-quality dynamic, flat-membrane or capacitive headphones. Among them, the cost-effective BRD earphone is the first choice. ④Easy to use. The wireless bluetooth earphone does not need to be connected and is extremely convenient to use. In addition, there is an earphone with radio function, which allows you to listen to various languages and music programs at any time. ⑤ channel. Monophonic and dual-channel power amplifier equipment should be equipped with single-channel and dual-channel headphones respectively.
When purchasing a Bluetooth headset, the most important question is whether the phone is compatible with the headset. Some Bluetooth headsets are not compatible with mobile phones, mainly because of different specifications. There are three main specifications for Bluetooth headsets——Handfree Profile (HFP) and Headset Pro-file (HSP) and A2DP. HFP stands for Hands-Free Feature, while HSP stands for Headset Feature. Consumers must first figure out which specifications their mobile phones support, and then choose a suitable Bluetooth headset for pairing. A2DP refers to the advanced audio transmission specification, which allows the transmission of stereo audio signals, and the quality is much better than that of HFP and HSP.
The Bluetooth headset in HFP format supports relatively complete mobile phone functions. Consumers can operate the hands-free options such as redial, call hold, and call rejection set by the mobile phone on the headset. Almost all Bluetooth headsets launched by Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson mainly support the HFP format. There are also some models that support HFP and HSP at the same time. For example, the Padmate Bluetooth headset is in A2DP format, compatible with HFP and HSP formats, which is the best format version at present.
Chip brand
There are three major chip suppliers for Bluetooth headsets, one is CSR in the UK, and the other is Broadcom in the United States. Broadcom's products account for more than 80% of the market.
Transmission distance
The transmission distance of Bluetooth headsets is also a concern for everyone. The transmission distance of the Bluetooth headset has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version, but mainly depends on the advanced level of the technology. The standard transmission distance of PowerClass2 is 10 meters; while the upgraded PowerClass1 increases the transmission distance to 100 meters and provides Hi-Fi stereo effect. Generally speaking, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset will not be too far, and the safe transmission distance is about 2 meters to 3 meters.


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When I was in the Army, a friend who knew audio equipment told me that I could never go wrong with JBL. This was in the early 1970s and we could buy anything duty free, so some of the guys had very top end systems for the times. When it came time for me to get a nice pair of headphones I remembered his advice and I couldn’t be happier. I was just looking for something wireless so as not to disturb the rest of the house. I am not an expert, but this is the best sound I have ever heard and I am loving being able to turn up the volume. I wear glasses and id did take me a minute to discover how to wear them comfortably. I know that there are higher end headphones for a higher price,but I could not picture a better sound, Color me happy.



These contents are indeed helpful. I have selected bone conduction earphones for a long time, but I have not found the appropriate parameters and comparison types. This article has benefited me a lot.



Very useful product knowledge sharing, let me know how to choose my favorite headphones, so that I will not be clueless, thank you

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