NEWS participated in the 2019 Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show

"Bone Conduction Headphones" participated in the 2019 Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show
The 2019 "Global Sources Electronics Show" kicked off at the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo on April 11, 2019. The exhibition is divided into two phases: "Consumer Electronics Show" and "Mobile Electronics Show". As the flagship exhibition of Global Sources, "Global Sources Electronics Show" will bring together more than 7,500 booths of popular electronic products, and gather exhibitors from Greater China, South Korea and other Asian regions.

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show April 11-14, 2019

Venue: Hong Kong Asia International Expo

"CES" has more than 3,800 booths, and exhibits cover home, outdoor and automotive electronics products, as well as the latest audio products and smart home products.

"Bone Conduction Headphones" is a member of this year's new "Brand Pavilion" (Booth No. 8F35), focusing on wearable products and audio products, aiming to create a brand effect of true wireless Bluetooth headsets.
The future of audio products, smart interconnection, smart life market trends and procurement strategies have become the hot spots of this exhibition.

At the exhibition site, I had cordial talks with friends from all over the world. More than 40 exclusive private model wireless Bluetooth headsets exhibited at "Bone Conduction Headphones", with fashionable appearance and innovative product functions, attracted a large number of foreign customers to stop by. The demand is strong.
"Bone Conduction Headphones" participated in the 2019 Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show
Free your hands, connect music, and create high-quality music "Bone Conduction Headphones" will always keep the original intention in the fierce market competition, insist on quality and technological innovation, and draw a strong stroke for the future of the TWS industry.


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Bone Conduction Headphones Global Electronics Show

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These headphones are amazing and half price I couldn’t go wrong. The sound is Excellent its like having a stereo system pressed against your ears. The battery life quality is long lasting and within 3 hours you have a full charge. I Just wish it came with a carry case but instead of buying one. The two best features it can be used with wires and a jbl app to ajust the sound on my Android smartphone. Buy the way I got my item in just two days not bad for prime shipping. If anyone is interested in having a stereo pressed against their ears then pickup a pair of Jbl headphones from the noise canceling works pretty good but it can be improved. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 8.5



A very down-to-earth company, but I don’t know what other competitors will do with the price-performance ratio you bought, and the quality of your products is still so good



I am at booth 8f49. I visited your place. I wore a purple short coat. I don’t know if you remember me. Your products are still fresh in my memory. The quality is really good. I have to say , you are amazing

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