Bone conduction headphones is a relatively new concept for most people, the positioning of bone conduction headphones is: sports headphones, its main users are sports people. However, due to the advantages of bone conduction headphones, such as health, cleanliness and non-ear access, they are also widely loved by people such as small ears, oil ears, and otitis media.

As early as the eighteenth century, Beethoven interrupted his music composition due to hearing loss in both ears, and hearing loss prevented him from hearing the sound of playing the piano, so he used a special crutch against one end of the piano to pronounce the piano and bite the other end with his teeth, so that he could hear music coming from the jawbone. In the end, he overcame many difficulties and composed nine symphonies that became world-famous.
Wondering if you are suitable for bone conduction headphones? The following details the benefits of using bone conduction headphones for various people, and I hope to help you choose the right headphones for you!

1. Small ear canal and oily ear
Bone conduction headphones do not need to enter the ear, so it avoids problems such as ear swelling and discomfort caused by small ear canals and ear ears, and friends with oil ears will not have problems such as easy to fall when worn.

2. Sports enthusiasts
The most suitable group of people for Naenka bone conduction headphones is still sports parties, because it is more stable than traditional in-ear headphones and is not easy to fall off when exercising. The open ear headphones design allows you to listen to music while hearing the surrounding environment, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary accidents because you can't hear the whistles and signals around you. Compared to in-ear headphones, these are safer running headphones and swimming headphones.

3. People who often use headphones and want to protect their hearing
As we all know, often wear in-ear headphones, over time will damage our hearing, and bone conduction headphones sound transmission does not pass through the eardrum, directly through the bones, minimizing the damage to hearing.

4. Resist or not adapt to the traditional way of entering the headphones
Wearing headphones for a long time, the ears are compressed, more or less local swelling and pain will occur, and some people with sensitive ears will even have tinnitus or otitis media, which directly leads to the inability to use headphones to listen to songs in the later stage. This is too unfriendly for music lovers, so you can choose to use bone conduction for a healthier way of listening.

I hope this article can help you further understand bone conduction technology, and Naenka will continue to explore research and development to bring you a healthier and cleaner way to listen!



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