Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: What Are They and What Should You Know About Them?

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: What Are They and What Should You Know About Them?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established a rule in October 2022 that permits the purchase of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids without a medical examination, prescription, or expert fitting. This is fantastic news for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss who lack access to an audiologist in the area or who cannot afford a hearing aid on a prescription.

The decision is being hailed as a victory for persons with hearing loss, which affects millions of people in the country, as people no longer need to undergo a hearing test or be fitted for hearing aids by an audiologist or hearing specialist. However, anyone with hearing loss can still visit a hearing care specialist for a real-time hearing evaluation and fitting.

What Are Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids?

Over-The-Counter hearing aids or OTC hearing aids were introduced to help individuals who were thought to have a mild-to-moderate degree of hearing loss and who might not always require hearing assistance. In addition, for those who normally have good hearing but occasionally have trouble hearing, an OTC hearing aid may help improve speech and communication.

The FDA has changed the term "hearing aids" to "prescription hearing aids" for devices formerly referred to as hearing aids and acquired through an audiologist. Both types of devices have some features in common, but the degree of customization, functionalities, and processing capacity varies significantly. Comparing OTC hearing aids to prescription hearing aids, OTC hearing aids initially offered fewer features and lower volume output. However, as new OTC hearing aids hit the market each week, the selection, caliber, and features of these devices change frequently. 

How to Determine Whether an Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Is Right for You

Always seek the advice of an audiologist when selecting the right hearing aid for your need. However, visit Fisdemo for the highest quality OTC Hearing Aids if you desire an over-the-counter alternative. You can choose from various OTC hearing aid designs, including in-ear, behind-the-ear, and in-canal models. The ideal option for you and your hearing needs may be discussed with your audiologist.

What Kinds Of Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids Are Available?

You can buy many kinds of hearing aids with a prescription. But you do not need a prescription to get an over-the-counter hearing aid. Instead, find the hearing aid that may be the most suitable for you, your lifestyle, and your budget at Fisdemo, where all products are FDA-approved and of the highest medical quality.

How Much Does Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Cost?

For people with hearing loss, hearing aids are a type of assistive listening technology. Unfortunately, the price of prescription hearing aids is frequently exorbitant, which prevents people from having easy access to them. However, over-the-counter hearing aids can be acquired without a prescription and can be highly cost-effective. Still, comparing pricing and conducting research before making your purchase is crucial. If you shop at Fisdemo, you'll find OTC hearing aids of the highest caliber at prices far lower than those offered by other companies, plus a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Are Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids A Viable Option For You?

OTC hearing aids are designed for persons with mild to moderate hearing loss or for circumstantial use, such as when watching a game or out for dinner with friends. Hearing aids for children and those with severe to profound hearing loss will always be custom-fitted devices known as "prescription" hearing aids.

Almost no in-person assistance is required when setting up OTC hearing aids for your specific type of hearing loss. Self-fitting hearing aids should normally be manageable if updating your phone's software or downloading apps is simple for you. They can also be handled in the comfort of one's own home. offers hearing aids that are of the highest quality, have a modern aesthetic, are easy to use, and are priced very affordably. However, before investing in an over-the-counter hearing aid, be sure you are educated about how to care for your device properly.


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