What Is a Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset?

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There are two main methods of noise cancellation with regards to headsets, earphones and other portable devices. Here’s a bit about the noise cancellation and how they work…

The first type of noise cancellation basically occurs whenever anything obstructs the inner ear; this has the effect of dulling our ability to hear whatever’s going on around us. If you put your hands over your ears right now, or you stick your fingers in your ears, the background noise will diminish. This, in a very real sense, is a form of noise cancellation. In this regard, any set of headphones that cover the ear, or even the types that sit inside the ear, effectively cancel out background noise and are therefore ‘noise cancelling’.

The second type of noise cancellation is a little bit more complicated. Typically, these headphones cost more money, but they offset this cost by being rather clever and also very effective. The second type of headphones are those that generate a low-level of white noise around the vicinity of the speaker. The white noise, largely inaudible to the Human ear, creates a sort of ‘sound vacuum’ that eliminates all background noise, allowing you to focus purely on whatever you are listening to.

There is also one more type of bone conduction headphones noise-cancelling headset, which is the bone-conduction headset (sometimes known as ‘bonephones’), these headphones actually bypass your outer ear entirely and go instead to vibrate the tiny bones in your inner ear. Your brain still understands this every bit as much as it would if you were listening through your outer ear (or pinna) but you now have the added option of chucking good old fashioned ear plugs into the equation, whilst at the same time still continuing to use your headphones.
What Is a Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset?-Bone Conduction Headphones

With gadgets like tablet computers, smartphones and MP3 players becoming more and more prevalent in modern society, headphones and earpieces are becoming increasingly commonplace. People are now trying to have conversations, listen to music or even hold video conferences in traditionally loud places.

From busy streets to crowded trains, it has never been more important for people to be able to hear content clearly and easily whilst they are ‘on the go’ – it is for this reason that noise cancelling headsets have become such a popular consumer item in the early 21st century, blocking out the noise of everyday life and pumping the sounds of your phone into your ears.


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However don’t expect a 10 dollar pair of headphones to be at $100 performance. These are currently selling for around 10 dollars on amazon. It may go up or come down slightly after I made this review but either way at $9.99 plus tax it’s very hard to be overly critical on these headphones. I’ve seen recent youtube video of some guy criticizing them and I don’t know why. They are literally dirt cheap headphones and you get what you pay for. I went with the white model just because black headphones seem so common these days and the wires on these feel very cheap so you are going to want to try to take care of them as best as you can. Try not tangling them up and try not stressing the cable out because over time this may cause the headphones to go bad but again these are 10 dollar headphones so hard to complain. The sound quality is pretty good. I wouldn’t call it great but we’re not spending hundreds of dollars on headphones. These are only 10 dollars currently and even at 15 dollars I would say these aren’t bad. I do think that the headphones feel more like they’re designed for children with smaller heads and smaller ears but even then I don’t think it’s bad even for Adults to get these for themselves. I am currently typing this review with my headphones on and while laying on my pillow they do slide a little. That’s just a minor complaint. I will not give dirt cheap good sounding headphones less than 5 stars mainly because I don’t want to be harsh on something that doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you want something better then be prepared to spend more money. Sony makes pretty good products so this is a trustworthy brand and even if they end up eventually dying which has happened to me with even more expensive headphones then it’s not expensive to replace or buy from some other company. When I was a kid I had an expensive Boise Headphones my dad bought me and they died on me and we never had them replaced. I remember the sound on those sounding pretty great but they apparently weren’t durable at all. This was probably a decade ago. Don’t know if Boise has improved on their headphones or not but because of the bad experience I stray away from more expensive headphones.



Your bone conduction earphones really subverted my perception of earphones, they are so comfortable to wear, and the sound quality is so clear

Kimberly REYES

Kimberly REYES

Thank you for your sharing, let me know that I like your products, especially run pro

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