Bone conduction headphone purchase tips: What are the advantages and disadvantages of bone conduction headphones?

Why should we choose bone conduction headphones?

1. It is more comfortable and hygienic to wear: bone conduction headphones do not need to enter the ear. Open wearing design, only need to hang the earphones on our ears, we can listen to the sound, will not like in-ear headphones to stuff the ears into the ears, wear the ears for a long time, will not damage the external ear canal due to friction.
Because traditional headphones are designed into the ear, it is particularly easy to bring bacteria into the ear canal, and blocking the ear canal will also cause bacteria, thereby infecting the ear canal. Bone conduction headphones can completely circumvent these problems.

2. Less damage to the ear: the bone conduction headset transmits sound directly through the skull, without passing through the eardrum and the external auditory canal, and will not damage the eardrum. Hearing damage generally occurs in the eardrum, wearing traditional in-ear headphones will easily damage the eardrum and affect hearing, so bone conduction compared to in-ear headphones, it has the least damage to hearing.

3. High safety: When we wear headphones to listen to music in outdoor sports or on subway buses, it is easy to block external sounds, and there are certain safety risks. Bone conduction headphones allow you to listen to music while receiving external ambient sounds, avoiding accidents and improving safety a lot.

4, more suitable for exercise: many people use bone conduction headphones are used during exercise, hanging ear design makes wearing more stable and comfortable, do strenuous exercise will not easily shake off the headphones. At the same time, Naenka's bone conduction has different waterproof levels, which can be used daily or even underwater. At the same time, it also avoids the symptoms of ear canal infection and inflammation caused by bacteria grown by sweat into the ear, and the exercise experience is much better than that of traditional headphones.

What do I need to pay attention to when choosing bone conduction headphones?

1. Waterproof performance: the higher the waterproof level of the headset, the better, if it does not support waterproofing, sweat will flow into the inside of the headset to damage the headset. The most important point is that the waterproof performance of the headset will also directly affect the life of the headset.

2. Bluetooth chip: Bluetooth is actually a wireless communication connection technology, which can connect devices within a certain distance. Bluetooth chip is an important core function of the headset, Naenka's Runner Diver and Runner Caller are configured with the highest Bluetooth 5.3 version, which fundamentally improves the stability and speed when connecting devices.

3. Sound quality performance: A headset with excellent sound quality can make us more immersed and engaged when listening to songs, and have an auxiliary effect on relaxing the mood and releasing stress.

4. Sound leakage size: When wearing bone conduction headphones, the music collides with the air when vibrating, resulting in a certain sound leakage. When we listen to songs or talk outdoors, if the headphones leak sound, it will involve privacy leakage and will also cause embarrassment, so it is best to choose a bone conduction headset with less sound leakage.

5. Battery life: We usually use headphones no less than mobile phones, so the battery life of bone conduction headphones also determines the number of times and practicality of headphones. Frequent charging can also affect the life of the battery, so it is crucial to choose a headset with a long battery life.

6. Scene use: if it is only used indoors, then you only need to choose Bluetooth bone conduction headset; If you are a lover who loves outdoor sports, bone conduction headphones with both Bluetooth and MP3 functions are your best choice.

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