Global Sources Electronics Exhibition from October 11th to 14th, 2022

Bone Conduction Headphones Global Electronics Show
From October 11th to 14th, 2019, the Global Electronics Show was held in Hong Kong as scheduled. Thousands of suppliers and manufacturers from mainland China participated in this famous exhibition. Sheng Xingwang is one of them.
We have brought more than 100 machines to customers, including more than 30 private models and different schemes. All sales teams are involved. Our unique 36-square-meter booth decoration style and very exquisite and beautiful products have attracted many customers, and received some inquiries from customers about our product parameters, company size and culture. It was a wonderful day. We got a lot of letters of intent for cooperation, such as samples and factory inspection requirements.

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"Bone Conduction Headphones" participated in the 2019 Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show
Bone Conduction Headphones Company outdoor development

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Love these headphones, best deal for the price. Sound is great, loud enough (for me it’s important), noise cancelling is good and battery last forever, what else do you need? At first they were a little uncomfortable until I figured out how to adjust them right and now they don’t bother me at all. JBL is world famous for making great speakers and other electronics, I know it for a long time. It’s a company you can trust.

Jeffery CHANG

Jeffery CHANG

I passed by your booth that day, your products are indeed the most quality and innovative in the surrounding exhibitions, very interesting

Dexter FOLEY

Dexter FOLEY

I am at your booth on the upper left. Although I am in the same industry, I am really shocked by the quality and quality of your products. I only have one question. Why do you have such good quality and can do so cost-effectively? You should have your own factory

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