The History of Bone Conduction Technologies

The History of Bone Conduction Technologies

Bone conduction earphones originated in the 18th century. The principle of bone conduction helped the great composer Beethoven, who was deaf, to hear wonderful music again. Beethoven was experimenting with a technique invented by Giovanni Filippo Ingrascia, in which he could hear music coming from his jawbone by biting a stick attached to a piano, which is actually the origin of sound. Early application of the principle of bone conduction.


In 2012, based on our own bone conduction earphones, our company developed an air conduction earphone that is more suitable for the general public. It is comparable to bone conduction, but the price is lower and the comfort is more ergonomic. Its technical principle is evolved and upgraded through bone conduction earphones, which subsequently caused great repercussions in the market.

Since bone conduction earphones transmit sound by vibrating ear bones, long-term wearing will cause discomfort. The upgraded air conduction earphones also absorb the characteristics of bone conduction earphones that are not in the ear and suitable for sports, and reduce sound leakage through directional sound transmission technology. , and at the same time, it will not be numb and itchy when worn for a long time, which not only protects hearing, but also conforms to the hearing experience of normal people.

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