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Product specification

Key control command


Built-in microphone

Dual Noise-Canceling Mic

Frequency response



2 Years


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1. (1) Use (-------) while cycling or driving may cause distraction and lead to an increased risk of sports injuries and/or traffic accidents;
(2) Use (--------) while cycling or driving may violate local laws or community regulations; use of this product should comply with local laws and community regulations.
2. This data was collected in the Bone Conduction Headphones lab and tested by playing ACC-encoded audio at 75% volume on an iOS14 mobile device. Actual battery life will be affected by audio type, volume, ambient temperature, and output from the USB port used to charge the headset.
3. (--------) Tested under controlled laboratory conditions and rated IPX (--------) in accordance with IEC Standard 60529. Water resistance is not permanent and normal wear and tear may reduce water resistance. Do not submerge or expose the frame to water for a long time. Please do not try to charge a wet (---------).

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