Bone conduction is the transmission of sound vibrations to the inner ear (cochlea) bones of the skull, which allows you to perceive sound without blocking the ear canal. Even more simply put: it’s sound that is delivered directly to the inner ear without needing to pass through the eardrum. Think of bone conduction as a shortcut to hearing sound.

Have you ever plugged your ears and sang a song, but wondered how you can still hear the tune? Or heard the sounds generated from brushing your teeth or eating potato chips? That’s bone conduction at its finest, and, along with more commonly used air conduction, your ears have been transmitting sound that way all along!


Unlike traditional in-ear or on-ear headphones that utilize air conduction, boneconductionheadphones.com has mastered the natural phenomenon of bone conduction by adapting consumer electronics, which is the secret to our open-back headphone cable success. Here's how we leverage bone conduction technology for our The product works:

Air Conduction Open Ear | Best Sport Headphones

Air Conduction Open Ear

Open-back headphones powered by air conduction work a little differently. With this design, two holes are added to the earbud; one near the ear, which transmits the sound to the ear through the air. Another hole is located on the opposite side of the earbud, using anti-phase sound to reduce sound leakage. While this open-back design provides some situational awareness, it requires more volume for clarity (thus drowning out ambient noise) and greater battery capacity, which adds weight to the earbuds or headphones. This combined with their loose fit can cause the earbuds to shift and shift during high-intensity activities.

Bone Conduction Open Ear | Best Sport Headphones

Bone Conduction Open Ear

The popularity of open-back headphones is a testament to the importance of environmentally conscious consumers, and bone conduction headphones bring the most natural open-back listening experience with minimal sound leakage, leaving no outer or middle ear fatigue and staying put through any activity. In essence, bone conduction has a hard time surpassing air conduction in bass, but Shokz's overall sound quality has been praised by experts around the world, especially Aeropex, which uses 8th generation bone conduction technology for deeper bass and crystal-clear midrange and crisp high-frequency performance, while also being ultra-light and ergonomically designed for a comfortable, snug fit.


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Safety first! While other headphones and earbuds block the ear canal for a noise-canceling experience, boneconductionheadphones.com open-back earbud products keep you aware of your surroundings and possible hazards, such as traffic, wildlife, and pedestrians, for a safer listening experience.

Comfort and Stability

Thanks to our lightweight titanium frame and our signature open earcup design, the are so comfortable to wear, you'll hardly notice you're wearing them. Unlike in-ears/ears that bounce or drop, our wraparound flexibility provides a snug fit during any high-intensity activity, keeping your headphones in place from start to finish.


Stay in touch with your running buddies, co-workers, family or the environment. In contrast to traditional headphones that only let you hear music and block out conversations and ambient noise, boneconductionheadphones.com lets you enjoy the audio and the world around you so you never miss a moment.

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