RR Sports® AC889 Mp3 Edition

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Color: Gray/Fluorescent Green

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About the RR SPORTS® AC889(Gray/Fluorescent Green)

Our Best Selling MP3 Professional Sports Headphones


8th Generation Air Conduction Technology



Wireless range (ft)

33 feet

Bluetooth types

Bluetooth 5.3

Waterproof Level


About this item


Built-in 32GB memory card

You can listen to your favorite music directly from the headset without a mobile phone, and can store more than 5,000 songs (support MP3/FLAC/WAV).


Up to 24 hours of music playback or talk time

Built-in 280mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery, the charging time is only 2.5 hours, allowing you to enjoy continuous music all day long.

RR SPORTS® AC889 | RR Sports

Built-in 32GB Local Storage

Upload more than 5,000 of your favorite songs.Enjoy music without limitations.

Easy To Control Headphones

Multi-scenario application

Noise-canceling Microphones

Built-in microphone with AI noise canceling technology which can reduce 90% environmental noise during phone calls, delivering a crystal clear phone call quality. It is ideal for phone call, video call and video conference.

Fast & Safe Charging

The latest magnetic charging technology of RR SPORTS® AC889 provides a faster and safer charging experience, and it can be fully charged in 2.5 hours (full charge is required for the first use). Faster transfer speed when downloading audio files.

Strong Battery Life

Equipped with a large 240mAh battery, it can provide up to 24 hours of continuous music and calls on a single charge. You can easily enjoy running, hiking or cycling without worrying about running out of battery power. RR SPORTS® AC889 Headphones are your ideal sports partner

Easy to Control

RR SPORTS® AC889 Bluetooth wireless headset has independent volume buttons and multi-function button, allowing you can easily make operations like adjust the volume, play or pause music, answer or hang up calls and wake up the voice assistant.

RR SPORTS® ac889 (Gray/Black)

What's In The Box

  • RR SPORTS® AC889(Gray/Fluorescent Green)Headphones x1
  • User Manual x1
  • Magnetic Charging Cable x1
User Manual
Bluetooth | Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth 5.3

Reliable connectivity up to 33 ft (10m),Faster and more stable connections with lower latency


20Hz~20KHz;Powerful bass and higher volume


Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP


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Kind tips:

1. (1) Use RR SPORTS® AC889(Gray/Fluorescent Green) while cycling or driving may cause distraction and lead to an increased risk of sports injuries and/or traffic accidents;
(2) Use RR SPORTS® AC889(Gray/Fluorescent Green) while cycling or driving may violate local laws or community regulations; use of this product should comply with local laws and community regulations.
2. This data was collected in the Bone Conduction Headphones lab and tested by playing ACC-encoded audio at 75% volume on an iOS14 mobile device. Actual battery life will be affected by audio type, volume, ambient temperature, and output from the USB port used to charge the headset.
3. RR SPORTS® AC889(Gray/Fluorescent Green) Tested under controlled laboratory conditions and rated IPX56 in accordance with IEC Standard 60529. Water resistance is not permanent and normal wear and tear may reduce water resistance. Do not submerge or expose the frame to water for a long time. Please do not try to charge a wet RR SPORTS® AC889(Gray/Fluorescent Green).

  • The MP3 player mode only supports MP3/FLAC/WAV formats, please transfer to MP3/FLAC/WAV formats if audio files in other format.
  • If the volume of headset is low after connecting your Android devices, please try to turn on "sync volume with phone" in Bluetooth setting.
  • If you can't find "sync volume with phone" option, simply adjust volume on your phone and headset together.

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