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When to Wear a Weight Vest

Another reason runners may run with weight is because their goal is to lose weight. I generally don't recommend hand-lifting heavy objects in this situation. Carrying dumbbells or lifting weights while running can cause you to alter your gait, which can lead to injury. A weight vest that is closer to your center of gravity and more evenly distributed is a safer approach. Even so, I still recommend separating running and strength training so you can target the right muscle groups with proper form and prevent injury.

If you're planning a big self-reliance adventure, you'll definitely want to be strong enough to carry all your gear, no matter how many hours or days you plan to be there. If you can't train with a backpack on, a weight vest is a great option. Choose a vest that's commensurate with the weight you'll be carrying in the race, and practice how you plan to move in it, which could be a combination of hiking and running. That way, your body gets used to how it actually moves with the extra weight on.

All in all, training for the specificity of your activities and goals is the most important consideration. Excessive running may not be necessary for you, and if it is, you'll want to do it as safely as possible.

How to choose weight-bearing running equipment

Road, trail and track runs all have different distances, equipment requirements and terrain. It's important to train specifically for your activity or adventure. I'm a trail runner specializing in long-distance mountain races, so I often have a lot of gear to carry for hours. In this case, I train with a hydration bag filled with what I need on race day to accommodate the weight my body needs to carry comfortably.

This is very different from a road marathon, where you may only need gels and a water bottle. You'll still want to practice this in your workouts, but in this case, there's no need to carry an extra 5-10 pounds during your run. My favorite backpacks, hydration vests, and totes are from the brand Big Trick r Aspire. They have everything from straps to race vests to larger packs for all-day adventures.

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"Bone Conduction Headphones" participated in the 2019 Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show




It’s rather nice to find that over-the-ear headphones are back in style. I needed a new all-purpose pair, and when I found these, I clicked fast. And when they arrived and I tried them, I was wowed!
First, there was the frequency response. 12Hz-22kHz? I was slightly leery, since my past experiences with that ultra-low-end response sounded like I had a cheap sub-wolfer blasting in my ears, even at low volume. But Sony’s cracked that – with these phones, the lows were rich without rattling, no matter what genre was on my player. (At the other end, the slightly-higher frequency response makes opera sopranos and higher-pitched jazz instruments sound delightful – just in case you were wondering.)
And these phones work nicely with anything that has a 3.5mm headphone jack – mp3 player, home sound system, computer, whatever. The sound is nice, the pads are comfy and the cord doesn’t get tangled. Also, the L-shaped plug has a nice indentation on it, so you can more easily push the plug into the jack. If you’ve never worn headphones that fit over the top of your head, it might take some getting used to, but for me it was a homecoming.
That flat fold is nice, too – just be sure to follow the diagram carefully and be gentle. Also, the instructions tell you that one side of the headphones is marked “right,” but it isn’t. There is a dot on what I assume they consider the proper side, but the shape of my head made a more snug fit with the dot on the left. I don’t notice any difference, so the dot may actually indicate “left.” At the price, it’s not worth fussing about.
Since I walk through my day with a soundtrack whenever possible, noise cancellation is pretty important. These headphones do pretty well in traffic, but I wouldn’t try, say, mowing the lawn with them. Even on the road, the traffic registers as a sort of swishy background, but I could still hear my music clearly. I haven’t tried them with a podcast or NPR or BBC yet, so someone else will have to report on that.
For general purposes, these headphones deliver great sound at a great price. I highly recommend them.

Raquel PERRY

Raquel PERRY

Indeed, I used to lift weights with my hands before running, and then I strained. If I had read your article earlier, maybe such a thing would not have happened



I am a fan who is obsessed with weight-bearing running. I am very happy to see that you share such meaningful articles, which are of great help to me.

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