Bone Conduction Headphones released the RR SPORTS® AC889 model, marking the brand's first foray into the bone conduction headphone market.

Brand Milestones


Bone Conduction Headphones launched the professional swimming wireless bone conduction headset model RR SPORTS® X8 through the event, which was a success.

Brand Milestones


Bone Conduction Headphones presents the RR SPORTS® V7 wireless bone conduction headphones featuring a lightweight and comfortable design with a full titanium wraparound frame.

Brand Milestones


Bone Conduction Headphones launched RR SPORTS® BS03 PULS, the most advanced wireless bone conduction headset so far, and the first BCH RUN MP3 with built-in 32G memory.

Brand Milestones


Introduced the coolest wireless bone conduction earphones RR SPORTS® AC890 so far, equipped with 4 upgraded 8mm speaker drivers, wide sound range, deep bass and clear treble, making the sound close to real.

Brand Milestones

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