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General Instructions

The factory was established on December 19, 2002, specializing in the manufacture of Bluetooth headsets, wireless
charger, car charger. Business license number 914403000589795570 English factory name Shenzhen
Shengxingwang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. The local name of the factory is Shenzhen Shengxingwang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. Factory Address
The English address is 801, Building 3, No. 1 Zhenhan Road, Gankeng Community, Jihua Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen.
The local address of the factory is Room 801, Building 3, No. 1 Zhenhan Road, Mukeng Community, Jihua Street, Jiangang District, Shenzhen. The factory covers an area of 7 and 8 floors
An 8-storey production building. Canteens and dormitories are not provided. The total construction area of the factory is about 5500 square meters
square meters. The main production process includes assembly and packaging. A total of 95 employees, including 69
There are 26 production workers and non-production personnel in the factory. The youngest employee noted in this audit was only 18 years old.
According to the factory, the peak season in the factory is not obvious.
The factory uses a fingerprint attendance system to record the working hours of employees. only one shift
Production workers. Normal shift hours are from 8:30 to 18:00 with a lunch break from 12:00 to 13:30.
Employee wages are paid in cash on the 7th of each month after the end of the payment period, and wage slips are issued. by payroll
Reviews and interviews with management and employees, all of whom are paid hourly.
Time records and pay stubs of 30 employees were sampled for time worked and wage testing during the audit: 10
A sample from the current paid month of August 2021, a sample of 10 from the random month of February 2021 and a sample of 10 from February 2021
Random month of November 2020. It is worth noting that the normal wage of all sample employees is at least RMB 12.7 per hour
Working hours, in line with the local minimum wage since August, which is RMB 2,200 per month or RMB 12.64 per hour
On January 1, 2018, according to the sample, all employees received compensation not less than 150% and 200% of the normal salary
Work overtime on normal working days and rest days respectively, in compliance with statutory requirements. no overtime
Statutory holidays will be notified separately. Based on sample time records, the maximum monthly overtime hours are 76 hours, while
The maximum daily overtime is 2 hours. All sampled employees receive at least one day of vacation every seventh consecutive time
According to the social security payment receipt provided by the factory, 105 of the 105 people all
Provide accident insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance for employees (100%)
In August 2021, only 60 (57.14%) of the 105 employees participated in the pension insurance.
In addition, 10 employees were selected from different workshops for private interviews. No negative comments were posted during
employee interviews. The interviewed employees expressed their opinions on the working environment, salary, working hours and
Factory management team.
At the closing meeting, the auditor provides a general overview and explains all findings to the factory representative
give them. Ms. Lin Huaru/Human Resources Manager and Ms. Liu Zhiqin/worker representatives signed the CAP on the spot and agreed to accept it
Corrective Action.
1. The auditee does not use any agents or contractors. Auditee is not exempt from the government. no collective
Auditee's negotiated agreement.
2. Audit company: Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Service
Audit Firm APSCA Number: 11600002
Lead Auditor Name: Ivan Guan
Member Reviewer Name: Sophia He
APSCA lead auditor number: CSCA 21701179
APSCA Member Auditor Number: ASCA 21701153
3. According to on-site observation, the main auditee is located in an 8-storey production building. In addition to the auditee, there are
There are also some other factories located in the same building. For example, "Shenzhen Shunqiu Yiyun Freight Express Company"
Located on the first floor; "Shenzhen Lianchaoda Freight Express Company" is located on the second floor; "Shenzhen
"Route Jiacheng Cyber Technology Co., Ltd." is located on the third floor; "Shenzhen Hengjun Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd."
Located on the fourth floor; "Shenzhen Hongbao Technology Co., Ltd." is located on the 5th and 6th floors. all these factories
Refusal to provide business licenses and leases for review, citing protection of confidential information. Each worker is interviewed
and management representative, all these factories have their own management system, no worker exchange problem
Confirmed by worker interview. Therefore, the scope of this audit only covers the main auditee.

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