Many people have the habit of listening to music when exercising, they said that listening to music when exercising can train more passion, but some people like to exercise in a quiet environment.
But listening to music can really make exercise better? According to research, listening to music while exercising can improve strength by up to 15%, but if it's inappropriate music, it can be a distraction, which then affects the effectiveness of training.

Music is not effective for everyone, some people get excited when listening to music while exercising, while others feel depressed and distracted, especially some people who are more focused on breathing and heart rate to give feedback on their physical condition and training results, for these people, music disrupts their training rhythm.

The U.S. media has reported that there is an inextricable link between music and exercise. Listening to music exercise, not only can improve the efficiency of exercise, but also can regulate your mood while exercising.

Ethiopian long-distance runner Haile Gebrselassie set a world record based on the song "Scatman" by jazz music king Scatman John to grasp the rhythm, because he felt that the beat of this song is very consistent with his target pace.

Music can reduce our fatigue and increase the efficiency of physical exertion when performing moderate exercise. When music stimulates the human brain from the outside, some signals in the body are not transmitted to the brain, such as muscle or organ fatigue. At this point, music becomes a tool to distract you from the exercise, so that physical discomfort is reduced, which means that music can make you run lighter and more relaxed after running.

In addition, Music can also relieve tension, especially before participating in the race, and can play a good role in motivating and relieving emotions. And in life, everyone has stress, we need to vent them through reasonable channels, this time, music and exercise is undoubtedly the best match.

According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that listening to music while exercising can be an effective distraction. So when training, if you feel tired, you can listen to music, so that the mental state will naturally affect the physical condition, so that the body and mind will not feel more stressed.

Please Note:
Turn down the volume appropriately, at least to be able to clearly hear the surrounding ambient sound.
Suitable exercise songs, the number of beats should be close to their own exercise frequency. On the one hand, it is more rhythmic to exercise, and on the other hand, it will not let the music take away the rhythm of exercise.

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